Teaching God’s Word through fun Bible stories & songs

We ‘fix’ donuts to illustrate that life without Jesus is empty; there is something missing!  That is why we teach children the values of Holy Scripture. As it helps them to know and trust God, His love makes us whole… like a donut ball filling a donut hole! 

Through our videos, songs and live shows, we teach children Old and New Testament stories, the Gospel, and to… 

  • Love Jesus More,
  • Be thankful And Obedient,
  • Memorise Scripture Verses
  • Share His Love With Others In The Way We Live


“His ability to connect with young children is superb.”

Father of four

"My kids love it, and surprisingly, I do too! It really brings us together as a family".

Father of Three

“I grew up to this music and now I can share it with my grandchildren!”

Grandmother of seven

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