Meet The Donut Man

Hey I’m Rob Evans, the Donut Man!

Our ministry teaches the Bible in an alive and fun way that your kids will love!

In every CD, DVD and concert we show how God’s love ‘repairs’ our lives.

We sing songs that present different aspects of God’s character. Notice how our titles focus on over a dozen Biblical word-pictures; like how God is a King, a Farmer, Builder, Creator and always… our Friend! Terrific songs and videos about the witness of Bible characters who had faith to believe… and how this can inspire us to boldly follow their example. Songs that are written from their perspective and in their voice, that are both spiritually and creatively engaging.

Background / Story

Rob was born and raised in Philadelphia, where he was raised hearing the Gospel in Sunday school. When his family fell away, he turned to Christ at the age of 19, where he met Shelley at a small prayer group and they married that year. 

As a writer at Rutgers University, then a carpenter and plumber, Rob’s background provided his six children, (one adopted from Russia), a diverse and widely traveled life; all performing on his Donut Man videos. Now with sixteen grandchildren, these proud grandparents continue to savor each unique soul, praying that they follow Christ and obey His call. His concert and production ministry continues to bless families world-wide.

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