Donutman Originals: Bible Parables ( CD Plus )


“Bible Parables” is the first album by Rob Evans, the Donut Man! Produced in a humble studio in 1982, it is wonderfully composed, folky and fun; a classic forever for your children’s musical library.

This CD- plus album has a bonus 35+ page picture/ coloring /songbook in Adobe Acrobat Reader file format with coloring pages, words, notes and chords. (See “Donut Fun and Games” for a free download of the types of coloring pictures we’re offering here.)

Track Listing:

  1. Parable
  2. The Sower
  3. The Splinter and the Log
  4. The Two Debtors
  5. The Pearl
  6. The Two Houses
  7. The Donut Song
  8. The Yeast
  9. The Unclean Spirit
  10. Become As A Child
  11. Keep On Knocking
  12. The Candle Under the Bed
  13. Parable (Reprise)