Follow the Leader: “Just For Kids”


Rob Evans, The Donut Man, and a group of lovable youngsters get together to praise the Lord and learn about His ways. Come join in with favorite praise and worship choruses, best-loved Sunday School songs, and brand-new Just-For-Kids songs***This title is out of print. You will receive a CDPlus version(a $14.95 value) which includes the stereo version as well as the split trax.

Track Listing:

  1. We’re Following Jesus
  2. I Will Give My All
  3. Walking and Leaping
  4. Peter Was a Fisherman
  5. Sing Unto the Lord
  6. Make a Joyful Noise
  7. With All My Heart
  8. We Have Come To Glorify
  9. We Are the Light of the World
  10. Let Your Spirit Rise
  11. I will arise
  12. Scripture Memory Verse
  13. Zaccheus
  14. More and More Like Jesus
  15. Clap, Clap Your Hands
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