Friends Forever


Rob Evans, The Donut Man and Duncan the Donut go wa-a-ay back. God’s love makes for great friendships; like Jonathan and David’s, whose Bible-story inspires our title song, “Friends Forever”. You & your younger kids will enjoy these songs & values presented in so many different musical styles. Rob started singing for his kids at bedtime, so giggle-up, wiggle-up and snuggle-up, to more wonderful songs from “Rob Evans, The Donut Man”.

Track Listing:

  1. Hide and Seek
  2. Jambo
  3. I Want to be Your Helper
  4. Around and Around
  5. David’s Little Harp
  6. Lay Your Gifts Before the King
  7. God Loved Us
  8. Ku’u Jesu
  9. Thanks Be to God
  10. Moses in a Basket
  11. Friends Forever


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