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Thirty-one of the best songs from The Donut Man’s EWTN show, ‘Massterpiece Donut Shop’ is the theme-song; a place where kids receive a colorful, musical, and accurate over-view of the Mass, with real-life applications.

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Our EWTN show, ‘Massterpiece Donut Shop’ is a place where kids receive a colorful, musical, and accurate over-view of the Mass, with real-life applications. How? Our amazing Massterpiece Machine magically pipes into our donut shop actual scenes from the Mass, which Fr. Joe explains, and then the Donut Man and ten boys and girls all sing about. ‘I See the Mass’: expresses the joy of worshiping the Father with Jesus the Son, and gives children an over-view of the Mass. The album and the show follow the order of the Mass; sometimes in broad themes, sometimes in focused ways. ‘God’s Family is Love’: Jesus wants us to join God’s family. ‘The Sign of the Cross’, ‘God is 3 in 1’, ‘How Do You Get Ready For Jesus?’, cover The Initiation Rite‘Collect Our Prayers’ is about ‘The Collect’; the prayer by which the pastor ‘gathers’ our needs before God’s supply of Grace. The Penitential Rite is covered by ‘We Turn Away’, ‘The Ten Commandments Song’, (Catholic version); and ‘The Bath Song’ (Holy Water version), reminds us to revisit our Baptism‘Everyone Does Their Part’ is about how each one of us must participate in order to properly worship and glorify Christ as His body. ‘Living Bread’ is sung on The Road to Emmaus, which is the first ‘Mass’ after the Resurrection. Next step of the Mass? The Word of God is celebrated with ‘In the Beginning’ and ‘When God Spoke’The Creed is taught with the Father of Our Faith: ‘Like Abraham, I Believe’The Prayer of the Faithful, is presented by ‘Our Prayer is Like Incense’The Offering is taught with ‘One Basket’, a song sung by the little boy who shared his lunch with Jesus. The Presentation of the Gifts is sung word-for-word: ‘Blessed Be God Forever’Prayer over the Gifts‘May the Lord Accept the Sacrifice’Holy, Holy/Hosanna is sung by the children welcoming Jesus to Jerusalem, with ‘Shout Hosanna’The Consecration is sung with a two-part choir: ‘Like the Dewfall / Let the Bells Ring’The Remembrance: ‘Do This and Remember Me’The Communion of the Saints: ‘A Mother Like Mary’ and ‘The Great Amen’The Lord’s Prayer/Our Father: ‘Teach Us To Pray’‘The Sign of Peace’ precedes the ‘Lamb of God’, which is presented as the Paschal Sacrifice in ‘Pass Over’Just Say The Word: ‘The Centurion’s Healing’ precedes ‘The Eucharist Song’. Prayer after Communion: ‘Keep on Knockin’. The Concluding Rite: ‘Be a Blessing’.

Price: $9.95 for the CD; $24.95 for the 3 disc set, DVD

Track listing and audio samples:

  1. Massterpiece Donut Shop
  2. I See the Mass, I Want To Get On
  3. God’s Family Is Love
  4. Sign Of The Cross
  5. God Is 3 In 1
  6. How Do You Get Ready For God?
  7. Collect Our Prayers
  8. We Turn Away
  9. Ten Commandments (Catholic)
  10. The Bath Song (Holy Water)
  11. Everyone Does Their Part
  12. Living Bread
  13. In The Beginning
  14. When God Spoke
  15. Like Abraham, I Believe
  16. Our Prayer Is Like Incense
  17. One Basket
  18. Blessed Be God Forever
  19. May the Lord Accept the Sacrifice
  20. Shout Hosanna
  21. Like The Dewfall/Let The Bells Ring
  22. Do This And Remember Me
  23. A Mother Like Mary
  24. The Great Amen
  25. Teach Us To Pray
  26. The Sign Of Peace
  27. Pass Over
  28. The Centurion’s Healing
  29. The Eucharist Song
  30. Keep On Knockin’
  31. Be A Blessing

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